How does IBI Go work?

IBI Go has all the functionality of IBI start plus the receive and transfer functions. With these functions you can send a file with up to 110 addresses to IBI. You sort the addresses within the IBI app and you are ready for delivery. You can also confirm the delivery and get a report with the time, date, location and even a note.

While delivering, you can send addresses to you colleages and deliver up to 110 addresses by car. The address file must contain the address in one or more columns. It can also contain a note and a phone number.

The optimal route will be available for you as a list and on a map.

To use this functionality, read the short instructions. IBI Go is ready for action!

IBI Go contains all the functionality of IBI Start, take a look at all the extra features of IBI Go below. Do you want to compare all IBI versions? Take ea look at the specifications and pricing table.

IBI Start features

110 addresses per route
Real-time traffic (up to 45 addressen)
Automatic address sorting
Fixed starting point
Custom departure time
Custom waiting time
Send address list
Delivery confirmation
SMS confirmation