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Have you noticed? Since recently, you need an IBI account to use the IBI app. With this account you can work from multiple devices. Your different address lists are now synced with your account, so you are always up to



If you are working with multiple delivery guys, you can easily divide the work with IBI web. What you need, is an IBI Go or IBI Pro licences with the same activation code for the delivery guys. With this activation



In IBI 3.0 we introduce the Estimated Time of Arrival. Based on the current location, you get the total route and the time you need to get to each stop in your delivery or pick up route.



If you want an estimated time for the total trip, you can set a stopover time. The stopover seconds per stop will be added to the total route. And from IBI 3.0, the estimated time to each stop is displayed.



A widely used function of IBI app ifs the overview map. On the map, all stops in the delivery route are numbers in the delivery sequence. Looking up the address in the list is simple by using the numbers displayed