Compare the specifications of IBI Start and IBI Go, powered by Here ™ routing technology

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– Developed for IOS and Android
Scan, type or speak your address
– Unlimited optimal routes per day
– Adresses for optimal route by bicycle104545
– Number of stops for optimal route by car104590
– Stops for optimal route by car with real time traffic information45
– Select shortest route (optional) or fastest route (standard)
– Map with overview of drop off points
– Optimize the route automatically after adding or closing a drop off point
– Set a fixed starting address and final address
– Create a report of deliveries before you start delivering
– Map with overview of drop off points
– Create a list with time, location, remarks
– Send a list of addresses to IBI with Transfer *)
– Transfer some addresses to colleagues with Transfer *)
– Include phone number of recipient for SMS confirmation with Transfer *)

*) For IBI Transfer, you first need to install IBI Free, Start or Go trial license.
Contact us to activate IBI Go with Transfer for you.

Specifications can be changed without prior notice.

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