Update 1.9.24
  • Route to first drop off point
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    We developed a most wanted feature in this version.
    You can find the route to the first stop in the overview map of IBI Go.


Update 1.9.20
  • Improved (help) messages in interface
  • Icon for the modality that is being used for optimisation (bicycle, car and car with traffic)
Update 1.9.19
  • Small interface improvements
Update 1.9.16
  • The sorting problem that sometimes occurred,is solved.
  • Extra help screens for the address section.
Update 1.9.11
  • Improved speed for startup of the app.
  • Distinctive startaddress by colour.
Update 1.9.11
  • Improved startup speed.
  • Clearer display of start address (if active).
Update 1.9.10
  • Navigating to an address, now also starts with car (if IBI has opted for car).
  • It is now also possible to automatically sort the list after completing an address.
Update 1.9.9IBI update 1.9.9: overzicht route
  • Overview of the entire route can now be viewed on a map (IBI Go).
  • The application shows which address ensures that a list cannot be sorted.
Update 1.9.8
  • Small improvements.
Update 1.9.7
  • Supports iOS 11.3.
  • Small display improvements.
  • Option for editing email before sending.
Update 1.9.6
  • Setting menu has been updated.
  • It is possibile to send addresses as an attachment.
  • Opting out of location did not always work. This has been solved.
Update 1.9.4
  • Addresses can be transferred (IBI Transfer) to a colleague, so that he / she can continue with your delivery.
  • IBI shows which address prevents routing (for example because of a pedestrian zone).
Update 1.9.2
  • Small improvements.
Update 1.9.1
  • Small improvements and supports iOS 11.3.
Update 1.9.0
  • Small improvements.
  • Overview map has been added to IBI Go.
Update 1.8.0
  • Small improvements.
Update 1.7.0
  • Possibility to receive addresses via email.
  • Possibility to send a message (when phone number noted).
Update 1.6.0
  • An application crash (when making a picture) has been solved.
  • Possibility has been added for changing an address.
Update 1.5.0
  • IBI is now also available in English.
  • You can purchase a subscription with this update via the App Store or Playstore.
  • GPS is only used when it is needed and no longer active in the background.
  • Scanning an address also works when the iPhone or iPad is tilted.
  • IBI now also checks whether there is internet connection.
  • Small bux fixes.