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Delivering packages is more efficient when you know the best route. IBI computes the optimal route and works around the globe.

Delivering packages is more efficient when you know the best route. IBI computes the optimal route for 2 to 110 stops, in more than 200 countries.

Mobile and PC

IBI is developed as app for Apple, Android and Windows.

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Download IBI and simplify your delivery process. Experience for free how to deliver faster, easier and reliable.

Confirmation of delivery

IBI registers the time and location of the delivery. No discussion whether a package has been delivered or not.

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Pharmacy, restaurant, parcel service, home help, shopkeeper!

Home delivery can be done faster and better. Take the IBI app now for 2 months with a 20% discount.

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Install IBI Free - optimize up to 10 stops per route for free!

IBI - deliver efficient to multiple addresses.


Save time

Save time with IBI when delivering packages or visiting multiple addresses. IBI helps you to plan the best route from 2 to 110 stops. No matter if you deliver by bicycle or by car.

A delivery solution for you

There are three types of IBI, IBI 10, IBI Start and IBI Go. And a free version with limited functionality. See which license suits you the best. With IBI Start you optimize up to 45 addresses. With IBI Go you even send a complete list of addresses to the IBI app.

Report your delivery

Use IBI Go and send a list of all deliveries you have to do. And during the route, you can report each delivery with timestamp and location. After the route, send the extended list with remarks, time and location.

What is IBI Go?

What is IBI Start?

What our customers say

Zondag Bakker delivers fresh bread rolls to people's homes, every Sunday morning. Sandwiches can be ordered via our app or website. When I receive all orders on Saturday night, I scan the packing lists and IBI sorts the addresses in the right order. This makes me well prepared for the route. Thanks to the route optimization of IBI I can deliver 75 addresses within 1,5 hours. So, I save time in preparation for the route and in delivery time.

Justin Roelink,

I have been using IBI Go for more than a month now and I am satisfied with the app, I find it easy to combine a mailing list and the navigation of the route. I also noticed that I have become more confident with the app. I add addresses by speech recognition, this saves me time and I can do it during the route. IBI Go is more convenient for me than IBI Start, since I like to have an overview of the route on a map.

John van Amstel, pharmacy deliverer

It is very simple to download and install the IBI app. Here at Cyclefix everybody understands how to use IBI, the operation of the app is easy. I think that IBI is a valuable tool that can help organisations with delivering more efficiënt and easier. Especially when new employees start working or when routes constantly change. The function of a delivery confirmation can also resolve misunderstandings. We are happy to recommend the IBI app to our customers.

Eric van der Laan,

I thought that I knew the routes in my own city. However with IBI's optimal route I up to saved 25% delivery time.

Bicycle courier

All deliverers from the pharmacy send a list of delivered medicines when they finish their route. At last, I can register and trace at what time and where the medicines were delivered.


The IBI app is so flexible that it is even possible to add an extra address or prioritize a delivery when you are on route. Quite handy when a package urgently needs to be delivered. IBI simply reorders the addresses again into the most optimal route.

Maintenance engineer