How does a UPS courier benefit from IBI app?

The daily routine …..

The UPS courier gets all the deliveries for the day. The packages are listed in DIAD, but have not been sorted in the optimal route. Usually the experienced deliverer, can find it’s way in his own district, though it is not the most efficient. New colleagues do not have the experience and knowledge about there district. For both couriers, IBI Start and IBI Go offers the best route and an overview off all the deliveries. When clicking on an address (Android) or slide to the left (IOS), you can start the navigation on your smartphone and get directions to the next address.

How do you enter addresses in IBI?

The most common way is to use speech recognition via the dictation function of your iPhone or Android. But typing can be done quickly as well. IBI uses smart algorithms to match an address, even when not typed correctly.

Want to try IBI?

IBI delivery app

Install IBI Free. You have up to 10 addresses to experience the ease of use of IBI.
IBI Free does not have all features, but it gives you a good impression of power of organised deliveries.
Go to the download page and select the Android or IOS app store.

What versions of IBI app are available?

See the overview of the functionalities and pricing.

Regardless if you know your district or you’re novice, IBI app saves time and gives you a better overview of all deliveries.

What is the use of IBI for a UPS courier?