In this part of the manual, the general usage of IBI will be explained.

Adding addresses

IBI Home Page

The IBI app supports three ways of adding addresses:

  1. Scanning addresses on clearly printed labels with your phone camera. Press SCAN
  2. Typing an address. Press ENTER.
  3. Entering an address with your voice. Press ENTER, and select the microphone on your keyboard.

If you added all the addresses you can swipe down to sort the addresses.

Scan an address

IBI Add Address Scan

Center the scanning area on the label of the package or letter and press OK. You can increase or decrease the scanning area with the arrows around the area.

Type an address

IBI Add Address

Fill in your address in the following way: street name house number, city.

A postal code is optional.

Enter an address by voice

IBI Add Address Speech

Record the address in the following way: street name house number, city.

A postal code is optional.

Use or edit an address

IBI Address Menu Simpel

Press down on the address, there appears a small menu on top of the screen.

Press FINISHED to indicate that you have delivered to the address.

Press NAVIGATE to navigate to the address.

Press to show more options.

More options

IBI Address Menu
  • Add note gives the possibility to add a note to the address.
  • Finish and navigate next marks the address as Finished and opens the navigation to the net address in the list.
  • Modify address gives the possibility to modify an address.
  • Final destination marks the address as Final destination, if you then sort the list, the address will be at the end.
  • Delete removes the address from the list.


  • View takes you to the address list.
  • Sort sorts all addresses in the most efficiënt way.
  • Clear removes all addresses.
  • Transfer opens the transfer tab.
  • Receive opens the receive tab.
  • View on map shows the calculated route on the map. To show the most efficient route, you must first sort the addresses.

For more information about Transfer and Receive take a look at the IBI Transfer manual

Video Manual