You can set a fixed departure time in IBI Go. This gives IBI the opportunity to show at what time you arrive at your destination and IBI will use this time for the expected traffic. Read below how to set this up.

Set departure time

address list - arrival time - en

Tap on Current location, to open the start location menu.

start Location - en

Tap on Change departure time, to open the menu where you can change the departure time.

change departure time - en

Turn Use adjusted departure time instead of current time on and set the time you want to depart.

Show arrival time

address list - route options - new menu - en

To show the arrival time, first open the route options menu by tapping on the bike or car in the top right corner.

route options - arrival time - en

Turn Show arrival time instead of remaining time per address on.

Here you can also change your departure time.

address list - arrival time - en

IBI now shows the expected arrival time for every address.